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Create A Ride 2 Create A Ride 2

Get ready to pimp your ride to the extreme. Start with a base model vehicle and tune and tweak this car until it's an eye catcher.

Pimp My Veyron Pimp My Veyron

Today is the day you bring your brand new Bugatti Veyron home from the dealership. Lets customize this a bit so it's original and one of a kind.

Pimp My Aston V8 Pimp My Aston V8

You just got got your new Aston V8 from the dealership and your getting ready to pimp your ride.

Pimp My Audi Q7 Pimp My Audi Q7

our new Audi Q7 just arrived and it's time to take it to the customs shop to pimp your ride.

Pimp My Beetle Pimp My Beetle

It's time to show this flower some power and pimp your Volkswagon Beetle. How hot can you make this VW bug look?

Pimp My Bonneville Pimp My Bonneville

t's time to add a little bit of new school to this old school ride. Let's head to the customizations shop and add a new grill, rims, lights, and tint.

Pimp My Buggy Pimp My Buggy

You just got your sand buggy all fixed up and running. It's time to add a little flash to your ride before you head out on the sand dunes.a

Pimp My Enzo Pimp My Enzo

Lets head over to the customs shop and pick out your new body kit, rims, hoods, spoilers, and more.

Pimp My Fiat 500 Pimp My Fiat 500

Swap out the head lights, customize the hood, rim this baby up, and add some hot new paint.

Pimp My Hippie Van Pimp My Hippie Van

The year is 1969 and it's time to add some flash to this Volkswagon Hippie Van. Let's give this hippie van a new school styling.

Pimp My Hummer Pimp My Hummer

Hummer wants you to customize their new promotional vehicle to attract even more attention to this rugged machine.

Pimp My Lamborghini Pimp My Lamborghini

Lets rim this baby up, add a hot new body kit, and other hot new customizations and make this ride something to be proud of.

Pimp My Maserati GT Pimp My Maserati GT

re you ready to pimp up this crazy piece of machinery the Maserati GT? Let's customize this bad boy car and make it one of a kind.

Pimp My Mini Pimp My Mini

Lets show the UK how we do our rides in North America, lets pimp this mini up.

Pimp My Monster Truck Pimp My Monster Truck

Lets start off with some rims, new hood, doors, quarter panels, and much more.

Pimp My Mustang Pimp My Mustang

The car has been sent over to the customizations shop, lets get ready to pimp this baby up.

Pimp My Smart Car Pimp My Smart Car

Get ready to customize one of the smallest cars in the world. This smart car is the as long as a normal car is wide.

Pimp My Viper Pimp My Viper

Let's show everyone how cool a Dodge Viper can look when you pimp up your ride.

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